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The atolls and flats throughout the Seychelles region offer some of the most spectacular and diverse sight fishing on the planet. While we have booked a number of successful trips with fantastic results, we are stedfast in making sure we have you covered. Our goal is to provide you with an unparalleled experience. Stay tuned! 

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Could we make more money by simply signing on a couple of the well-known destinations in the Bahamas? Probably. But that’s not us. Our commitment to you is knowledge. So we’re currently exploring a number of Bahamas destinations (some that have even yet to open) in order to stand behind a select few that we will begin booking in the very near future.

Our exploration of lodges in the Bahamas continues. And we've found lodges we stand behind. Remember, as guides, we expect only the best! Coming soon in the 2021 season, we'll be adding select lodges and outfitters to out heavily scrutinized list of lodges and outfitters. Stay tuned. 

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