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Tarpon Town in 60 Seconds

The Fishing

This is some serious fun. If you haven’t experienced juvenile tarpon fishing, you owe it to yourself to try. Unlike big tarpon, “babies” are more willing to eat and still provide the same aerial acrobatics as the big boys. Most importantly, we doubt there is a place on earth with more baby tarpon than the coastline around Campeche.

The Lodge

One of the nice things about fishing with Tarpon Town is that it is only a fishing operation. Which leaves you free to pick your choice of hotel in Campeche. There are a range of options for every budget and we’re happy to help with the reservations.

The Staff

We can tell you from first-hand experience that the Tarpon Town guides are the best in the area. The small staff is made up of four locals, who have fished the area for nearly 20 years. And it definitely shows. These guys know exactly where the fish are at any given time of day.

Valid passport. No Visa required.

Up to 8 anglers per week

Campeche, Mexico on the Western coast of the Yucatan.

Fly to Merida, Mexico. Transfer to lodge by van.

Juvenile tarpon (and occasional snook).


What does it cost?

2020-2021 Rates

7 Nights/6 Days Fishing = $3,350.00
6 Nights/5 Days Fishing = $2,950.00
5 Nights/4 Days Fishing = $2,490.00
4 Nights/3 Days Fishing = $1,990.00
3 Nights/2 Days Fishing = $1,490.00

7 Nights/6 Days Fishing = $4,300.00
6 Nights/5 Days Fishing = $3,890.00
5 Nights/4 Days Fishing = $3,250.00
4 Nights/3 Days Fishing = $2,850.00
3 Nights/2 Days Fishing = $2,100.00

Tidehead services are always free. Always. Our prices are the same prices as booking directly with the lodge. You never pay more.

All rates are priced on a 7 night/6 day lodging & fishing package. Shorter stays are available.

All prices listed are per person. Other combinations may be available. Please contact us for details.



Campeche gets as many tourists in one year as Cancun gets in one day. In other words, it’s quiet and (best of all) authentic. The town of Campeche has a population of 360,000 and because of its rich Mayan culture, has been named a UNESCO world heritage site. The region features more that 80 miles of mangrove coast with hundreds of creeks and channels, making it the most prolific baby tarpon fishery in Mexico (and maybe the world).

There might not be a better place on earth to sight fish for baby tarpon.


As mentioned before, the Tarpon Town guides are the best we’ve seen in the area. Simply put, they are very good. Tarpon Town owner, Raul Castaneda, is one of the most experienced guides in the Western Yucatan and has assembled a very knowledgeable and hard-working staff.

Because Campeche is not a prime tourist destination, the guides speak very little English. But they speak enough “fishing English” that language is not a barrier.

Like most of Mexico, the guides run 23-foot traditional Pangas with modern outboards. If you’re accustomed to technical poling skiffs, these boats may appear a little crude. However, they are very safe, comfortable and provide a clean, solid casting platform.



Year-round for juvenile tarpon. 

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Generally, tarpon flies for Mexico don’t need to be extremely large. 3-4 inches is plenty. The best flies incorporate materials that create subtle movement. A selection of various colors is important. Tarpon are much more opportunistic than selective feeders. So presentation reigns supreme.

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Populations of snook can be found in most locations around Mexico, some of them very large. They are often found in many of the same areas where you might be targeting bonefish & juvenile tarpon. But most of the guides have special areas where they know snook lurk. Red and white fly patterns are, by far, the number choice for snook.

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Hotels in the Campeche Area

There are a number of wonderful hotels in the Campeche area. We have a list of our favorites and can help arrange an experience that is right for your tastes and budget.


The dining options in Campeche are excellent. And, unlike a lodge atmosphere, it’s kind of nice to pick a different place to eat each night. Like hotels, we have a number of favorites and will be more than happy to make recommendations.

The nice thing about Tarpon Town is that you’re free to choose your hotel. And there are plenty of great options in Campeche.



Flights arrive/depart Merida airport. From there, Tarpon Town provides van transportation to the Lodge. The drive takes approximately 1-1/2 hours.


It is best to arrange flights that arrive into Merida in the morning or early afternoon (before 2:00) to allow for ground transportation time. Likewise, departing flights should be scheduled for the afternoon.


A valid passport is required to enter Mexico. Immigration and customs forms are given out on your flight prior to arrival.

Along with world-class fishing, the city of Campeche is a UNESCO World Heritage site and considered one of most beautiful in Southern Mexico.

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