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Must Have Fly Selection for Bonefish

Veverka's Mantis Shrimp

Size: 2, 4 Tan

EP Spawning Shrimp

Size: 1 Tan

EP Ascension Bay Mantis

Size: 4 Golden Sand, Ghost

EP Mantis Shrimp

Size: 1 Tan

Casa Blanca Crab

Size: 2 Tan

Gear Overview


9 ft. 8 wt. Medium-Fast Action

(Our Pick) LOOP 7X


Large arbor saltwater reel

(Our Pick) Hatch 7 Plus


Weight forward, warm water saltwater line

(Our Pick) SA Bonefish taper


9 ft. 12-16lb. fluorocarbon leaders

Note: You'll typically only need to bring 3 leaders for a week's fishing


12-16lb. fluorocarbon tippet spools

Note: You'll only need 1 spool each for a week's fishing

How to Fish Them:

Shrimp patterns need to be stripped slow and short to imitate a fleeing shrimp in the water column. It’s extremely important to listen to your guide during the presentation as guides are very particular on how the patterns are retrieved. Listening will help to increase your success.

Where and When:

These patterns can be fished in all of Cuba that hold bonefish any time of the year, under most all conditions.

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