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Gear Overview


9 to 10 weight fast-action rods, such as the Sage Salt, Scott Meridian or Hardy Pro-Axis.

(Our Pick) Scott Meridian, 909-4


Saltwater reels are extremely important, especially for milkfish and their blistering runs. We recommend a high-end reel with a superior drag holding 300 yards of 30-40lb backing. Match the reel to the appropriate rod weights above. Top brands are Hatch, Tibor and Nautilus. 

(Our Pick) The Hatch Finatic 9-Plus


A versatile, weight-forward floating line is ideal. Choose from the many great salwater-specific tapers available from SA and RIO.

(Our Pick) Lines from the Scientific Anglers. We prefer the Mastery Series.


12 ft. 20lb. tapered fluorocarbon leaders are your best bet. You need it to be light enough to fool them but heavy enough to keep them out of the coral heads. 

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