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Must Have Fly Selection for Permit

EP Crab

Size: 2 Tan

EP Ascension Bay Crab

Size: 1 Sand

Raghead Crab

Size: 4, 6 Tan

Casa Blanca Crab

Size: Size 2, Tan

EP Spawning Shrimp

Size: 1 Tan

Gear Overview


9 ft. 9-10wt Medium-Fast Action

(Our Pick) LOOP 7X


Large arbor saltwater reel

(Our Pick) Hatch 9 Plus


Weight forward, warm water saltwater line

(Our Pick) SA Permit or Saltwater taper


9 ft. 16-20lb. fluorocarbon leaders

Note: You'll typically only need to bring 3 leaders for a week's fishing


16-20lb. fluorocarbon tippet spools

Note: You'll only need 1 spool each for a week's fishing

How to Fish Them:

Crab patterns need to be retrieved with long, slow strips, allowing the fly to swim/fall to the bottom. Crabs seek the protection of the bottom when pursued by their predators. Often, as the flies fall to the bottom between strips, you’ll see the permit tail on the fly. You may not feel the strike, but you will be sure to hear your guide scream, “He’s got it!”

Where and When:

Traditionally, permit fishermen look for flats that have deep water access for escape routes. These are often flats that slide into the open ocean. Although permit prefer to follow the rising tides, you can occasionally find tailing permit on the falling tides as prey is being flushed from the flats. So be ready. Always.

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