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Hi. Thanks for visiting Tidehead. I’m Brett Novik. I have over 20 years’ experience guiding fly fishermen (and women) in fresh and saltwater. I founded Tidehead to put that experience to work for you: booking only the very best guides and lodges. I have fished every destination we represent. I’ve seen the guides at work. And I’m confident that they will make the most of your time on the water.

Hi. I’m Jany Novik. I worked for Avalon as the cruise director aboard the flagship vessel, Avalon II in Jardines De La Reina, Cuba. I now live and work in the United States with my husband, Brett. I bring to Tidehead, years of “hands on” experience working for Avalon, strong relationships with Avalon guides and staff and a passion for providing a memorable experience for all of our guests.

Together, we are the Cuba experts. Period.


We’ve assembled comprehensive planning materials to help you prepare for your trip—everything from the right currency to the right flies. For your convenience (and the good of the environment) all our pre-trip planning documents are digital.


After you’ve returned home, you can expect a call from us to follow up on your trip. These conversations are very important to meeting expectations and (hopefully) helping us better plan your next trip with us.

What's a Tidehead?

tidehead /tyde-hed /noun (pl. -heads)

A person who obsessively thinks about salt water flats fishing. 

There's a Tidehead inside all of us. It's that part of you who wishes all you did was fish. 

That part that can't stop thinking about the way a tarpon garbage-cans a fly. Or the way a permit races over to your fake fuzzy crab, only to ignore it. 

It's the part of you who dreams of less stress, less responsibility, and more time on the flats.

Watching the tides. Looking for nervous water. 
Sound good?

Then welcome to becoming a Tidehead.

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